Jomari Peterson

Core Strategist, Snowball Founder and Creator of Snowball

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Jomari Peterson has significant experience in the decentralized technology spaces. He built his first start up in the space in 2017, the Quantum Resistant Ledger. Under his leadership they raised $4.16 million dollars, leading to a $100 Million+ Valuation. He also developed a collateral free lending solution, the Digital Reserve and an innovative gaming mechanism for Finite Games. As a serial entrepreneur, academic, and public speaker, Jomari Peterson brings vision, a strong understanding of the business landscape, and an interdisciplinary technical background to the establishment of blockchain related features. 

Jomari has a strong history in the development of systems and process improvement evidenced by his management of budgets over $18 million dollars and 80+ employees. Jomari also facilitated and supported the raise of millions of dollars for social enterprises and non-profit activities at the Oasis Project. He is a PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering & Public Policy with a focus on risk assessment and system design. Prior to Carnegie Mellon, he received his B.S. and MBA in Strategy & Logistics from Howard University. 

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Snowball: Smart Contract Risk Mitigation

April 14, 2023, 08:00 PM
Jomari Peterson