Iryna Zavhorodnia

Everstake: Creating Infra for web3

A Talk by Iryna Zavhorodnia (Blockchain Manager, Everstake)

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About this Talk

Everstake is a validator provider trusted by 675k+ users across 70+ blockchain networks. Everstake is committed to providing the best possible services and useful solutions. Among the recent ones:

1.) extrnode ( - a decentralized RPC service for Web3 products with multiple backups. extrnode is a cluster of geographically distributed RPC nodes connected to a network of verified public nodes, in addition to 10 top validators and RPC providers, to maintain the best reliability, eliminate the problem of a single point of failure and speed up the RPC layer.

2.) Wallet SDK ( - an innovative development tool that allows wallets to quickly and easily add staking support in one day. By utilizing WalletSDK, wallets no longer need to develop their own staking infrastructure from scratch, saving time and money and focusing on providing the best user experience for their customers.

3.) Reward program for delegators ( - Everstake’s referral program, allowing to stake coins (currently ATOM. SOL, and CMDX with more blockchains to be added) via the referral program website or invite a friend and receive a special reward.

4.) Staking analytics with in-house tools - - Everstake recently released the ATOM Staking Report, which discusses an expanded set of metrics describing the progress of the Cosmos ecosystem. Utilizing Everstake’s in-house research instruments, the team also introduced an interactive real-time on-chain data analysis tool for ATOM with more reports and tools for the most viable blockchain ecosystems to come.

April 14, 2023, 07:00 PM

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07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Iryna Zavhorodnia

Iryna Zavhorodnia

Blockchain Manager, Everstake

AVAX Blockchain Manager at Everstake